Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Loopertees:

  1. When will my order arrive?

    • Orders typically take 3-7 Days once dispatched to reach you. For Europe, shipping time is upto 2 weeks, and for international orders, it's upto 3-4 weeks. We offer a Money Back Guarantee if your item is not with you after 45 business days from dispatch.
  2. Has my order been dispatched yet?

    • Orders are generally dispatched within 1-4 working days. You will receive a dispatched email when your order has been dispatched.
  3. My item arrived broken or damaged, what can I do?

    • If your product is damaged, please take photos and send them to us. We are not responsible for damages to packaging.
  4. I ordered 2 or more items, why did I only receive one?

    • Items may be shipped separately as they are from different warehouses. You may receive one item before the next.
  5. I need to cancel or change my order, how can I do this?

    • Contact us ASAP. We will try our best to accommodate changes if your order hasn't been shipped.
  6. My order is still not here, please help?

    • If your order has taken longer than 4 weeks from dispatch, contact us for assistance.
  7. I put the wrong address for my order, can I change it?

    • Contact us ASAP. If your order hasn't been shipped, we can update your delivery address.
  8. Why did I not receive a confirmation email after placing the order?

    • Check your SPAM/JUNK folder. If you still can't find it, let us know.
  9. I was charged more than what the product was advertised?

    • Prices are processed in USD. Any additional charges on your bank statement are due to conversion fees.
  10. I don't have a tracking number, when will I get it?

    • It's usually in your dispatched email. If not, contact us for an update.
  11. What are the payment options available?

    • We accept major credit/debit cards and PayPal.
  12. Do you provide international shipping?

    • Yes, we ship worldwide.